Why a blog as well as a website and wiki?



I guess I have been convinced to move into the 21st century from a position of great reluctance.

My personal projects can be found on web1 – I mean on my static website – and terra incognita’s past and ongoing achievements can be found on a wiki and a website. But too many people have been pressing me to understand that it is just not the way of the world (wide web) anymore. We’re in web2. Get with the programme.

So here I am, blogging.

Of course I did an art project, an intervention into blogs before they were called blogs, when they were ‘online diaries’, called me-you-them (30 June 2001 – 30 June 2004). Located on deardiary.net, it is now no longer available. But that was so turn-of-the-century…

(it still exists on alanajelinek.com in a format that doesn’t really compare to the original intervention, alas)

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